Edgar & Lola Litter 2015

Edgar x Lola pups


We hadn’t planned on any litters this year as we are still evaluating last year’s Honey x Sedar pups who are just now a year old. However, we discovered that the best laid plans are often completely thrown out the window when you have a pup who can open doors and latched gates, and that’s exactly what Edgar did. Somehow, Edgar managed to get 3 doors and a gate unlatched while we were otherwise occupied moving a piano and had his way with Lola. Since none of us witnessed the mating, I verified with UC-Davis VGL and confirmed that Edgar is the sire of all the pups. Puppies were born May 3, 2015.



Goochlands Edgar Sawtelle

Other than this being an unplanned litter, the only two issues are that Edgar was 9.5m old at the time of breeding and we hadn’t done any hip clearances yet. So, he’s scheduled to get PennHip done soon. Also, because of his age, the litter isn’t being discussed on the English Shepherd Club list or website litter listings since it doesn’t meet the criteria for listing due to sire’s age at the time of breeding (and I completely agree with the criteria). The litter will be UKC registered.


This is still a good mating, just an untimely one. The pedigree of the pups is about ½ Cedar Creek with the other half leaning toward Beebe. Sire Edgar is a very intelligent, loving boy. He lives with us on the farm and is our adult daughter’s constant companion. He has very good instincts with the sheep and is gentle with the lambs. He is very athletic and loves to play ball and go for social outings.


Mum Lola’s information is here: http://www.asylumfarm.com/englishshepherds/lola/



The pups are very attentive already at 5 weeks and observant of what’s happening around them. They’ve already been out to see the sheep, pigs and chickens and get used to the sounds and smells of the farm. I expect them to be active pups, eager to please and smart as can be! I will be looking for active homes for them depending on their evaluations. Some may need more farm type homes, others might be suitable for active suburban homes. Evaluations are ongoing from the time the pups are born and we have a very good sense by the time the pups are about 7 weeks at what type of home they will do best. Pups don’t leave our farm until they are roughly 9 weeks old. They are fully vetted and examined at the Animal Health Center and have their initial puppy shots. They have a “go bag” that includes a bag of food, toys and supplies to get them off to a good start at their new home, as well as their litter registration to be sent in by the owner. As with all our pups, we place them only after evaluation of both pup and future home. Contact us for more information about adding one of our pups to your home!


Edgar Cedar Creek Amble’s Sedar Egertsen’s Copperfield Dalby’s Laddie Partlow’s Bud II
Johnson’s Tillie
Dalby’s Tallulah Owen’s Toby
Butcher’s Cassie Sue
Cedar Creek Maggie Mae Parmely’s Roper Abe
Parmely’s Boots Jake
Goochland’s Honey Weiss Goochland’s Hubba Bubba Beebe’s Royal Sparky It’Za Mohns’ Slash
Taylor’s English Gypsy Rose
Beebe’s Babe Trixie Beebe’s Kansas MJ
Beebe’s Precious Babe
Goochland Acres Yuna Good Shepherd’s White Oak Sawyer Shepherd’s Rex Blaze
Wingler’s Becca
Good Shepherd’s Hallelujah King’s Gunner
Rust’s CC
Lola Cedar Creek Todd Egertsen’s Copperfield Dalby’s Laddie Partlow’s Buddy
Johnson’s (Butcher’s) Tillie
Dalby’s Tallulah Owen’s Toby
Butcher’s Cassie Sue
Egertsen’s Sasha Marie Wells’ Chopper Dude Shininger’s Buddy
Bucher’s Mindy
Wells’ Gypsy Rose Johnson’s Duke
Beebe’s Lady Sugar
Beebe’s Cuddles Sassy Beebe’s Kansas MJ Warren’s Okla King Dersam’s Ted
Anderson’s Dolly
Cummings’ Dixie Voss’ Jay R
Robinsons’s Dellsie Dog
Beebe’s Luci Cuddles Johnson’s Duke Anderson’s Max
Anderson’s Sophie II
Beebe’s Luci Johnson’s Duke
Beebe’s Pepper Mitzi