Honey & Sedar Litter 2014

 Pups started arriving 5/13!


Honey_snowHoney is the matriarch of our pack and my shadow.  She was from our first English Shepherd litter born at Asylum Farm.  Since she was a young pup, she has gone out with me to work the sheep. Honey rides the ATV with me and eagerly goes in the farm truck to the feed mill.  She is a larger frame English Shepherd and very sturdy!  Honey has always been very agile and easily jumps over our pasture fencing if needed. Honey prefers being near me and keeps the sheep off me when needed.  She may sound gruff to people at first, but once she accepts visitors, she can be quite the lap dog!  Honey is very protective of “her” lamb babies.  She is very adept at watching the farm for intruders.  Honey has a strong Anderson, Beebe & Mohns lineage. 

Honey is MDR1 negative by pedigree and is rated 0.55/0.57 by PennHip.


Honey & Hefe getting to know the bummer lamb 



Pups from Honey’s previous litter are on working farms in the US, Canada and Middle East, as well as in active suburban homes.

Honey was exposed to sheep at a very early age. We had a bummer lamb that needed to come in the house when Honey’s litter was just 3 weeks old.  Honey and her litter mates were able to interact with the lamb- and they thoroughly enjoyed it!





Sire is Cedar Creek Amble’s Sedar, owned by Sara Amble.  Sedar works on Sara’s dairy farm and is an essential part of her team.  Sedar is a very biddable and devoted dog.  He is like any typical ES and once he gets into a routine he is golden and needs no reminder on what to do. Sedar is a great watch dog and will always alert Sara with a bark to let her know someone has pulled into the yard. He is reserved when meeting strangers, but once he gets to know you, he is your best friend! He loves to get varmints and chase off coyotes. Sedar is a very typical ES, he always wants to please and hardly ever has to be told to do something twice.  Sedar was born in Iowa at Cedar Creek Farm and bred by Peggy Egertsen.

Sedar has been scored OFA good and is registered with the UKC and ESC.




I expect this litter to be a very well balanced group of pups – energetic in their work, happy to be with people, eager to please and very well mannered.  They will be exposed to the lambs and poultry at approximately 6 weeks of age (unless of course we have another bummer lamb).

*Our priority when placing pups is to working farm homes first, and then to working non-farm homes. As always, our litters are placed at the discretion of the breeder after evaluation of the pups and applications received from potential homes. Pups are NOT placed solely on color or looks, but if there is more than one pup that is suitable for a home, prospective owners are allowed to choose.*


Honey & Sedar litter

Expected whelp date: May 15, 2014

Breeder: Shel Hazlett-Gooch

Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
Cedar Creek Amble’s Sedar Egertsen’s Copperfield Dalby’s Laddie Partlow’s Bud II
Johnson’s Tillie
Dalby’s Tallulah Owen’s Toby
Butcher’s Cassie Sue
Cedar Creek Maggie Mae Parmely’s Roper Abe
Parmely’s Boots Jake
Goochland’s Honey Weiss Goochland’s Hubba Bubba Beebe’s Royal Sparky It’Za Mohns’ Slash
Taylor’s English Gypsy Rose
Beebe’s Babe Trixie Beebe’s Kansas MJ
Beebe’s Precious Babe
Goochland Acres Yuna Good Shepherd’s White Oak Sawyer Shepherd’s Rex Blaze
Wingler’s Becca
Good Shepherd’s Hallelujah King’s Gunner
Rust’s CC
Additional pedigree information available at the English Shepherd Club Registry