Our English Shepherds

Goochland English Shepherds

Goochland’s Honey Weiss        “Honey”

Honey is my right hand helper.  She is always by my side if given the chance.  Honey has been my buddy since she was born.  She knows when I have “farm clothes” on and am headed to the farm truck.  Any trip to the feed mill or to get hay needs her assistance!  She’s a great mouse exterminator and has perfected the “snap & toss” method of dispatching mice.



Goochland English Shepherds

Beebe’s Lola of Goochland       “Lola”

Lola is the little dog with the big attitude!  She is very fast and has no hesitation taking on the big sheep.  She was able to convince one of the larger rams that he really should behave better by grabbing the fleece on his poll and hanging on…  She is very tenacious with the big boys, but will guard “her” lambs steadfastly.



Goochland English Shepherds

Goochland’s Sweet Sparkler       “Eva”

Eva is a strong personality ES!  She is very work oriented and loves her livestock. Eva is very agile. She has no hesitation heading after the adult sheep, yet is gentle with the lambs.  She has been exposed to livestock since almost the beginning!  At 6 weeks she was able to get into the pasture to investigate the sheep. Eva has matured into a very biddable worker.



Goochland English Shepherds

Goochland’s Kid Charlemagne     “Charlie”

Charlie is my shadow.  He is always right by my side whether I’m working on the computer or out with the sheep.  He is very in tune with what I want.  He will gather the sheep enthusiastically and keep them in/out of the barn as needed.  He is gentle with our chickens and has even brought eggs out to me without breaking them.  He keeps an eye out for predators and loves his lambs!




Goochland’s Sunday Best       “Miss Etta”

Etta is another “ES shadow”. She sleeps by the door so I can’t go out to the sheep without her. She is always right by my side if I need her when we are working. Etta has a very relaxed work demeanor and happily moves the sheep to and from the pastures.