Goochlands Sunday Best

“Miss Etta”




DOB:  05/14/14


UKC: registered

MDR1:  pedigree negative

PennHip: pending


EttaEtta was never supposed to stay here at the home farm. From the earliest days in the whelping pen, I could tell she was going to be something special. She was the puppy of the “firsts” – the first to escape the whelping pool, the first to get over the puppy fence, the first to want to explore, etc. She has always had a wonderfully loving personality, but was going to be another potential alpha female. I knew she would be a good  English Shepherd “ambassador”, so I placed her with a friend who has a farm similar to ours so Etta could grow up without the influence of her mother and sister and develop into the dog I knew she could be.  I wanted to evaluate her in a couple years to see about her potential as being the mother of pups.


It went well- for a while. Puppy Etta was surrounded with people and farm stimulation and was learning the routine. She grew into a very loving young dog who was happy to see everyone. She loved being out with the sheep and working. But without the right chemistry and bond between dog and owner, any placement can be a disaster. While her owner loved her dearly, Etta apparently resented the time she couldn’t be with her- and finally took it out on the poultry. And that can’t be allowed. So after much discussion, Etta came back to our farm so I could reevaluate her and find her a suitable home. And I tried- really I did…



But it turns out, her home is here. Etta and I bonded after she came back. She is my “ES shadow” now. She sleeps by the door so I can’t go out to the sheep without her. She is always right by my side if I need her when we are working. Etta has a very relaxed work demeanor and happily moves the sheep to and from the pastures. She’s become a good vermin hunter and has a great nose. She loves to ride in the farm truck (and not puke!). Etta works well with Charlie and the two of them are my “go to” dogs for chores now. And she’s learned to leave the poultry alone. 🙂




Etta_Solstice 21Jun2015

Goochlands Sunday Best

“Miss Etta”

Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
Cedar Creek Amble’s Sedar Egertsen’s Copperfield Dalby’s Laddie Partlow’s Bud II
Johnson’s Tillie
Dalby’s Tallulah Owen’s Toby
Butcher’s Cassie Sue
Cedar Creek Maggie Mae Parmely’s Roper Abe
Parmely’s Boots Jake
Goochland’s Honey Weiss Goochland’s Hubba Bubba Beebe’s Royal Sparky It’Za Mohns’ Slash
Taylor’s English Gypsy Rose
Beebe’s Babe Trixie Beebe’s Kansas MJ
Beebe’s Precious Babe
Goochland Acres Yuna Good Shepherd’s White Oak Sawyer Shepherd’s Rex Blaze
Wingler’s Becca
Good Shepherd’s Hallelujah King’s Gunner
Rust’s CC
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