Goochlands Honey Weiss

Goochland English Shepherds


DOB: 3/19/07

Black & Tan with minor white

UKC: P596-951


MDR1:  pedigree negative

PennHip: 0.55  /  0.57

Status: Retired


Honey has matured into a very loyal worker. She is very “herdy”- loves to help and understands basic directions. She is very biddable, determined, loves to please, and is very smart and agile. At times, she does have her own opinion about what we should be doing and how to do it!

This was the pup that can climb gates, round bales, stands on the roof of her dog house, jumps 48″ fences with ease, etc. I have taken her out with me at every opportunity and she has demonstrated that she is able to move livestock well. She willing goes over paddock fences and obstacles to get the job done. I’ve watched her figure out how to go through a metal gate to get into a paddock with me. She does not give up easily! She loves to ride the ATV with us! She is definitely a “sturdy” and compact type of dog, not nearly as lean and leggy as Bubba.

Honey is my “right hand dog”. She is my constant companion.  If I’m with the sheep, so is she. If I’m working on the computer, she is at my feet. I never have to worry about being alone!

Goochland’s Hubba Bubba
Beebe’s Royal Sparky
Sire: It’za Mohns’ Slash Sire: Mohns’ Laddie
Dam: Mohns’ Honey Girl
Taylor’s Gypsy Rose
Sire: Beebe’s Kansas MJ
Dam: Beebe’s Luci Cuddles
Beebe’s Babe Trixie
Sire: Beebe’s Kansas MJ Sire: Warren’s Okla (Anderson’s) King
Dam: Cumming’s Dixie
Beebe’s Precious Babe
Sire: Hedge’s Kip (Kippie)
Dam: Hedge’s April Sue
Goochland’s Mad About You (Yuna)
Good Shepherd’s White Oak Sawyer
Shepherd’s Rex Blaze
Sire: G. Jorabo
Dam: Boles’ Queen
Wingler’s Becca
Sire: ‘PR’ Stable’s Kaptain
Dam: Piper’s Tuxedo
Good Shepherd’s Hallelujah (Holly)
Sire: King’s Gunner Sire: Johnson’s Duke
Dam: Beebe’s Lucy
Dam: Rust’s C.C. Sire: Beebe’s Kansas MJ
Dam: Beebe’s Abbey