Beebe’s Lola of Goochland

Goochland English Shepherds


DOB: 11/20/07

Shaded Sable & White

UKC: P558-413



PennHip: evaluated

Status: Retired

Lola is the little dog with the big attitude!  She is very fast and has no hesitation taking on the big sheep.  She was able to convince one of the larger rams that he really should behave better by grabbing the fleece on his poll and hanging on…  She is very tenacious with the big boys, but will guard “her” lambs steadfastly.




Lola has matured into a wonderful farm helper.  From a young age, it was obvious that Lola was in charge of the sheep!  She took it upon herself to enforce that the sheep are to stay back from the fence.  Her daily patrols along the fence line have taught the sheep to stay back when we’re feeding.  The ewes respond very quickly to her!  She is very tenacious- doesn’t take “no” from a ewe.  She will eagerly go in to turn a ewe-even some of our most stubborn ewes.  Lola is very biddable; calling off the ewes even if she’d really rather keep moving them.







Enthusiasm is Lola’s middle name!  Whether it’s working with the ewes, hunting vermin, or just playing,  she gives it her all!  She doesn’t do anything half heartedly.  She loves to go with me to the feed mill or store.  Every trip to get hay requires Lola’s help.  While we’re loading hay, she’s happy to either wait patiently in the truck, or if given the opportunity, she’ll start checking for mice.